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7th stop Farsøe, Denmark.

I visited Farsøe a small town in the Jutland region of Denmark. It was cold, snowy, and small. As a matter fact there was no hotel in town. I had to stay at a nearby town called Aars for that.  I was photographing a woman named Bente for the report I am working on. I photographed her at home as well as working at her job as a bartender. The bar was a local place with a working class clientele. I got to meet some interesting people. That's the best part of projects like this I get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. People like Thomas and Anders in the last photo. Thomas works in a lumber yard, and Anders is a fish farmer. He raises trout I believe.  We were immediate friends. Most of the poeple at the bar were regular customers, and Bente told them that a NY photographer was coming to photograph her. They were excited by that I hope I didn't disappoint. I did keep the NY'er attitude dialed down a bit. Thomas and Anders kept offering to by me a drink. They found it incomprehensible that I would be in a bar and not drinking. I took them up on their offer once I was done. SKOL! That's cheers in Danish

Observations: cold, snow, ice, lonely, really nice people, good food as a matter of fact great food even in the middle or no where, great landscapes.

This is what was expecting me as I approached Aarlborg airport.

I just had to stop and photograph this horse. Unfortunalty as I was leaving my car got stuck and it took me half an hour to finally get enough traction to make it up the hill.

A small part of Farsøe. Everyhting was covered in ice. There has been so much snow the town ran out of salt for the roads. So driving was like driving on an ice skating rink in my Volvo with fancy low profile tires.

5am start...No cars on the road. I spent 15 minutes stopped in the middle of the road taking photos not one car passed by.

Bente and me at the bar.Thomas and Anders. Skol!