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quickie bio.... born and raised in nyc, child of the late swinging 60’s, catholic school, aviation high school, electrical engineering, discovers photography, turns 18 goes to paris for the summer, parsons school of design, backpacks europe, assists for a while, starts out on his own, loves photography, circumnavigates the globe a few times, japan, brazil, afghanistan, south africa, meets many new people along the way, art, editorial, commercial, advertising, computers, loves b&w film, digital, misses black and white polaroid, still old fashioned sometimes, and has the best job in the world.

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8th stop København, Denmark

I drove from Farsøe to Odense to shoot then on to Copenhagen. The drive to Copenhagen should take about 2 hours from Odense. My drive took almost double that due to snow, and because of the totally wrong tires on my fab Volvo rental car. So after a nerve wracking drive I slip and slide into Copenhagen. I went to Copenhagen to catch my flight to my next stop Brazil, see a friend, and some speed touristing (something I am getting very good at.) Too bad the weather was not too hospitable. It was cold, wet, snowy, and 8 inches of snow on the ground. It was beautiful with the snow and all, but wet feet are not conducive to walking around for too long. I bet its beautiful in the summer time though.

Observations: cold, snow, wet, (it is winter time after all), great architecture, pedestrian friendly, canals, great people, great hotel Royal SAS hotel.

 At the SAS hotel, Copenhagen

A view from the 8th floor SAS hotel of the road Vesterbrogade

A view from the 8th floor SAS hotel of the road Vesterbrogade 10pm

A view from the 8th floor SAS hotel of the intersection Hammerichagade and Vesterbrogade Pedestrian street

Around town, Copenhagen

Canal, Copenhagen

Royal palace


Bikes are ridden in all weather.

Not only are they ridden in all kinds of weather there are minimal locks.

The Copenhagen Eye. It's the London Eye that more like a ferris wheel..

Great looking hallway, SAS hotel Copenhagen