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quickie bio.... born and raised in nyc, child of the late swinging 60’s, catholic school, aviation high school, electrical engineering, discovers photography, turns 18 goes to paris for the summer, parsons school of design, backpacks europe, assists for a while, starts out on his own, loves photography, circumnavigates the globe a few times, japan, brazil, afghanistan, south africa, meets many new people along the way, art, editorial, commercial, advertising, computers, loves b&w film, digital, misses black and white polaroid, still old fashioned sometimes, and has the best job in the world.

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william vázquez: photographer nyc

commercial photography, documentry, fine art, ideas, and the photographic process



Making it work, no matter where you are.

What do you do when you need to photograph someone in their enviorment, except thats not possible? Not to mention very limited time to actually photographthem? You create the enviorment and bring it to them thats what you do. We built a wall, put up shelves and furnished the area we needed. The plus side to this is that we can customize it. After we were done it looked like we were never there.

Thanks to Michael Robinson for lending the experinced hand, Lori Rielly for her prowess with tools plus her dry sense of humor, and Ann Orcutt on make-up.

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Man on the Street: "what is beauty?"

On a chilly day in December, we did a man on the street shoot for Samsung. One of the fears was will people stop to have thier photo taken and answer a few questions. Most people think that New Yorkers are cynical and won't want to cooperate. So I hired Sari Goodfriend, and she proved that theory wrong! Her charm was able to convince almost anyone she spoke to, to have their photo taken. Way to go! Not to mention she interviewed them for the piece. Listen to the statements on beauty as the slide show plays.

The sucess of the shoot just reinforces the need to have the right people to make a project not just get done, but be spectacular. Not to mention a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Sari Goodfriend (first time people wrangler and a great photographer herself), Michael Robinson (who played the producers role, and organized the shoot also a good photographer), Charley Parden (great assistant and a future photographer), and of course my clients who let me do this stuff.





T&T Las Vegas at the Luxor

Ok, so the opening party for the Matador photos at the Luxor in Las Vegas FINALLY happened, and I got to see my work up on the walls. After so many months of the back anf forth, retouching, and production issues. Its! done!. The party was a pretty crazy scene, and I did not take one photo. There were so many photographers there so I figured....hey I am going to not work. At least for today. Here is a link to the opening party. I will have some more images of the final place once I make them perfect. Vegas is an interesting place, a bit chessy for sure, but great people watching.


OLE! Final

Here are the final images for the T&T restaurant at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are all large format prints, very large format. If you are ever in the Luxor hotel I don't think you can avoid seeing them. Have a look!

All the photographs were created at my studio in nyc, and just in case LEAF is listening...shot on a Leaf Aptus 75s 33 megapixel back. Have a look at a previous blog entry with some production background, here. I want to thank my crew, Allyson Vieira (prop/fashion stylist extrodinare) Andrea Patton (first assistant) Manjari Sharma  (second assistant) our incredibly perfect model Bridget, my very patient re-toucher Mark from Beckelman imaging, and of course my clients who let me do all this crazy stuff from Alvarez-Brock Design, and Michael in Vegas. Can't wait to see them up!

27 feet high by 65 feet wide

17 feet wide by 5 feet high

11 feet wide by 5 feet high

19 feet wide by 5 feet high 


Ole! continued: part 1

Here is a slide show by my favorite retoucher Mark Beckelman of Beckelman imaging. It illustrates the retouch process involved in making the final images really shine. Nice job Mark! These are the images where I needed 1,600 pounds of dirt brought into the studio, and we are still finding remains of that dirt in the studio on occasion. We just can't seem to get rid of it!  There is more behind the scenes info on the photo shoot from a previous blog post here.

We are in the final throes of the proofing process in having the murals printed. It's been a bit tedious getting the color just right, and of course I am driving the printer crazy with color tweaks. Its gotta be right! The murals are to be displayed for a long time. The images are to be used as wall art in a new restaurant going in at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. Did I mention that one of the murals is going to be 30x60 feet? The others will be on a slightly smaller scale. Can't wait to go for the opening! Also we are going to Mexico later this month to shoot some images for billboards and ads for the restaurant and a tequila distiller. Viva Mexico! That shoot is gonna be a blast!


Samsung: Africa


Shot a mini campaign for Samsung to be used in the African market. Magazine, newspaper, bill boards, bus stops, the works. It was lots of fun, with lots of high energy jumping and cheering mostly by me to get the models motivated. I can't take credit for the retouching though the agency Agendanyc managed that. Nice job!



Here an outtake of a shot I did recently for a non-profit. They were looking for something that showed some muscle, and work out in an indirect way. Thanks to our very buffed model Jay Larcher.

strongman by william vazquez 212-967-2266 07/2008


More Cocks

Here is another shot from my recent trip to the Dominican Republic....It is definitely something on the vicious side, but there certainly is beauty in the movements.





Here is a little glimpse of a project  I am working on in the Domincan Republic. I got to visit the Traba Mavnaloa in Santo Domingo....very interesting place, very interesting.williamvazquez_roosters.jpg


Blue sky+blue water

There are not too many places in the world where you get this combination. Luckily I am off to one of them. I am going to the Dominican Republic for a few days. Doing a quick job and even better starting a personal project. More on that as the photographs happen.



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