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quickie bio.... born and raised in nyc, child of the late swinging 60’s, catholic school, aviation high school, electrical engineering, discovers photography, turns 18 goes to paris for the summer, parsons school of design, backpacks europe, assists for a while, starts out on his own, loves photography, circumnavigates the globe a few times, japan, brazil, afghanistan, south africa, meets many new people along the way, art, editorial, commercial, advertising, computers, loves b&w film, digital, misses black and white polaroid, still old fashioned sometimes, and has the best job in the world.

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william vázquez: photographer nyc

commercial photography, documentry, fine art, ideas, and the photographic process



"I love that sound!" Scarlet

Meet Scarlet. She was a nomadic student at the Verano 09 program in Altos de Chavon. I was teaching an advanced photography class, and she would appear occasionly to take part in my class. She asked me to a portrait of her for her facebook page. So yes it was windy, but we used that to our advantage.

She is interesting, not to mention just full of energy.

meet scarlet from william vazquez on Vimeo.

a student from Altos de Chavon Veroan 09 program

meet scarlet from william vazquez on Vimeo.

a student from Altos de Chavon Veroan 09 program





Vietnam: 80,000,000 people, 40,000,000 motorbikes.

Ho Chi Minh City is an awesome place. Lots of activity all around particularly at night. Reminds me quite a bit of NYC in the summer. Everyone is out doing something, eating, shopping, walking, and lots of people driving. Although in HCMC that last part is taken to an extreme. Just standing on the corner, and observing the traffic go by was cool.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam traffic from william vazquez on Vimeo.

traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at night



Chicago, Columbus, Kanosha, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Campo verde, Rome, Ludwigshafen, Hanover, Santo Domingo, Kingston, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Tri, Guangzhou, Shanghai in 1 minute 20 seconds. 

In the course of 2 months I photographed doctors, children, teachers, scientists, engineers, mothers, fathers, community activists, business people, nurses, orphans, farmers, firemen, monks, and many people from all walks of life for a client in various locations around the world.  The goal to get the essence of the people in how they live and work.  I can't say I remember everyone I met, but I certainly feel that I shared some good moments with them. I make it a point to interact with everyone I photograph. I photographed in farms, factories, communes, schools, hospitals, schools, clinics, orphanges, offices, temples, and everywhere in-between. Here is a small sampling of some of the people, and places.

Corporate Citizenship from william vazquez on Vimeo.




14 minutes, 58 seconds left

A reality TV show (housewives of NJ) was filmed at a restaurant (Izakaya) at the Borgata hotel in Atlantic city where some of my large scale artwork is hanging.  The restaurant was designed by Alvarez+Brock, and looks fabulous. Anyway in the video clip look for my art between 10 and 12 seconds mark.  Also there are small parts of the other pieces shown later on in the show. Click here, here, and here to see the process of creating the art for the project.

So there you go 2 seconds...I have 14 minutes and 58 seconds of fame left! I better get working on it.


Art directing from the other side of the world

Seoul, Korea is 6885 miles (11080 km in Euro miles ;-), and 13 hours ahead. That is where my clients were while art directing a recent shoot I was working on for Samsung in NYC. It is amazing how technology has evolved where this is possible. For this to work, you need the right technology, most importantly a decent internet connection, which sometimes can be hard to come by, and a good working relationship with your clients. The step up is not perfect yet, but gets the job done. Although I have some ideas on making the process even more awesome the next time.

5 photos in 1 day, 4 in the studio, 1 on location, 1 employee photo, 1 male model, 1 child model, 1 teddy bear, a black turtleneck (you would be suprised on how hard it is find one in the summer) 1 makeup artist, 2 assistants, 1 intern, a ton of equipment, and one long day particulary in Korea where they pulled an all nighter to work with us. Thanks to everyone for pulling this one off with few hitches especially with the monsoon rains we have been having in NYC.

Here are some photos from the location part of the shoot. Like my DJ headphones? It was loud at the location so I needed to borrow some headphones. They were a bit over the top.

samsung experience photoshoot from william vazquez on Vimeo.

Production stills from a photoshoot at Samsung experience nyc. All images posted by the photographer who is the copyright holder


When in Vegas...

I did the big murals for the huge restaurant at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas; which were a big hit. My client then asks me to do some more photographs for the billboard advertising of the establishment. This being Las Vegas of course the concept was pushing hard against political correctness. We also had to shoot in Vegas because the models were there. It was a fun shoot.

Here is the final billboard...I think it turned out pretty well. This was not the original concept. The original concept was deemed too racy, and not used. Unfortunatly I am not going to post those. Sorry! Hopefully next time I am out there I will see the billboard in person and take a photo of it. Its my first billboard after all.


Shooting in the studio

Here is a finished shot of a big project I did in the studio. A while back I posted some stories on the production of these shots. You can find it here, and another here.

I really have no excuse for not posting it sooner. I have been dying to show it off. Many thanks to Jessica Silverman from Wilhelmina models. She was professional, energetic, and simply perfect! Also gotta mention my retoucher Mark Beckelman of Beckelman imaging for the usual great job, also the assistants, and stylists who played a big part. All sets were built in the studio by moi, with some help of course.


Samsung "What is Beauty" shoot tears

As a followup to my previous post on the production of this story. I finally got the final magazine from the "What is Beauty?" shoot with the man on the street. Also there are a couple of fun portraits, and a stillife no less. There is even a photo of me on the first spread. On the left side in the middle holding the camera looking like I am going to be run over by a truck. Many thanks to everyone on the crew who made it happen, and to my client for the great layout.


42,952 miles.......37 days....

I have been photographing everything from kids at school, factories, labs, hospitals, peoples homes, and everything in-between in all sorts of environments ala fly on the wall style. The locations were Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Baltimore, Columbus Ohio, Rome, Hannover and Manheim Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guangzhou and Shanghai China, Hue and Hoshi Ming City Vietnam. The travel was not back to back so there was travel back to NYC for a few days or a week and then head out again. It was a tight schedule....really tight!

Some stats from my recent project 42,952 air miles, 12,912 frames shot, 945 road miles, 95 hours in the air, 37 total days, 37 pound carry-on, 24 flights, 20 cities visited, 16 airports, 10 hotel rooms, 8 countries, 8 kinds of money, 7 languages, 7 layovers, 3 canceled flights, 2 travel visas, 2 snow storms, 2 boxes of cliff bars,  as for casualties 1 broken lens, 2 burned out battery chargers (my fault, it was not 220) duh, 1 very expensive mobile phone bill, 0 lost luggage.

I am working on a multimedia short of the project.....Stay Tuned!



Up, up, and away!

Just got back from a world wide project. With lots and lots of moving around! The best kind of projects! I think thats Miami down there.

More to follow soon.

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